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Types of Custom-Built Wardrobes

Custom-built wardrobes, also known as bespoke or made-to-measure wardrobes, offer the advantage of bespoke furniture for your needs and space. These wardrobes fit perfectly into your room, utilising the available space efficiently.

Built-in wardrobe drawers

Built-in wardrobe drawers are a popular option for maximizing storage space and keeping your belongings organized.

Wardrobes made to measure

Made-to-measure wardrobes fit precisely in your room, considering the dimensions, shape, and architectural features.

Custom-Built Wardrobe

Bespoke built-in wardrobe

Our joiner will make your bespoke built-in wardrobe to your specific preferences.
Custom-made wardrobe doors: Custom-made wardrobe doors allow you to choose the style, design, and materials. Create a unique and functional wardrobe, whether you prefer hinged, sliding, or folding doors.

Fitted wardrobes made to measure

Fitted wardrobes integrate with your room’s existing architecture and layout.
Custom bedroom wardrobe: Our joiner will design a custom bedroom wardrobe specifically for your bedroom.

Custom sliding wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes offer space-saving solutions.
In summary, bespoke wardrobes offer a wide range of options. By choosing made-to-measure wardrobes, you can optimize the use of space and achieve a personalized and functional storage solution.

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Types of Custom-Built Wardrobes

Bespoke wardrobe wall units

Bespoke wardrobe wall units cover an entire wall and provide comprehensive storage solutions.

Custom drawers for wardrobe

Custom drawers fit within the wardrobe’s interior and provide additional storage.

High-quality closet systems

Our joiner will build a high-quality closet system for storage solutions built to last and offer superior functionality.

Custom-Built Wardrobe

Walk-in closet

A bespoke walk-in closet is a personalised storage space.

Custom wood closet systems

Our joiner will make custom wood closet systems for storage solutions made from high-quality wood materials. These systems offer a luxurious and natural aesthetic. They typically include various components such as shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and accessories made from wood.

Custom built wardrobe
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Types of Custom-Built Wardrobes

Custom closet corner unit

Our joiner will build a custom closet corner storage unit. These units are built to fit seamlessly into the corner. They optimise the use of space and help create a cohesive and functional closet layout.

Bedroom custom closets

Our joiner will make a bedroom custom closet for personalised storage solutions explicitly designed for bedrooms.

Custom-made wardrobe drawers

Our joiner will make custom-made wardrobe drawers specifically designed and built to fit within a wardrobe. They provide a convenient and organised solution for storing clothing, accessories, and other items within your wardrobe.

Custom-Built Wardrobe

Closets made

“Closets made” is a general phrase that refers to closets built or constructed. It doesn’t specify any customisation or tailor-made features. It may imply that the closets are ready-made or produced without customisation.

Custom wardrobe wall

A custom wardrobe wall refers to a customised storage solution. It involves designing and building a wall-mounted system with shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and other organisational elements. A custom wardrobe wall optimises space and creates a stylish and functional storage solution.

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Types of Custom-Built Wardrobes, Closets, and Drawers

Built-in closet drawers

Built-in closet drawers provide additional storage space for organizing and storage.

Tailor-made wardrobe

Our joiner will make a tailor-made wardrobe to fit your specific requirements.

Made-to-measure built-in wardrobes

These are built-in wardrobes that are custom-made to fit perfectly into the available space in your room.

Handmade built-in wardrobes

Our joiner will make a built-in wardrobe from scratch using high-quality materials.

Custom-Built Wardrobe

Closet systems for walk-in closets

Our joiner will make a closet system that has comprehensive storage solutions designed specifically for oversized walk-in closets. These systems typically include a combination of shelves, hanging rods, drawers, and other accessories.

Luxury custom closets

Luxury custom closets are high-end, premium-quality closet solutions.

Custom bedroom closet

Our joiner will build a custom bedroom closet for a personalized storage solution designed specifically for your bedroom.


Costs of Custom-Built Wardrobes

Custom wardrobes, made-to-measure wardrobes, and built-in wardrobes are all popular options for homeowners. The cost of a built-in or custom-made wardrobe can vary depending on several factors.
When considering a built-in or custom wardrobe, it’s essential to remember that the cost will typically be higher than purchasing. However, the advantages of built-in or custom-made wardrobes often outweigh the price. Our joiners can design to fit your specific space and storage needs, maximizing every inch of available space.
The cost of a built-in or custom-made wardrobe can range widely.

Custom-Built Wardrobe
The cost of a built-in or custom wardrobe may include materials, labour, design consultation, and installation.
Overall, a built-in or custom-made wardrobe can be a valuable investment, adding functionality and style to your living space.


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