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To fix sash windows, we may need to address issues such as sticking, rattling, drafts, broken cords, or damaged components:

Sticking sashes

If your sash windows are difficult to open or close, we will clean the tracks and apply a silicone-based lubricant. If the issue persists, we will check for any paint buildup or misaligned frames that may require adjustments or repairs.

Rattling windows

If your sash windows rattle when closed, it may indicate a loose fit. We will check the weather stripping around the sashes and replace or repair damaged or worn-out seals. We will also consider adding adhesive-backed foam tape or drafting excluders to improve the seal.

Drafts and insulation

If your sash windows allow drafts, we can improve insulation by adding weatherstripping, using draft excluders, or installing secondary glazing. Additionally, our fitters will check for gaps or cracks in the window frame and seal them with caulk or putty.

Broken cords

If the cords holding the sashes in place are broken or worn out, our fitters will replace them. The fitters will remove the sashes, detach the old cords, and install new ones.

Damaged components

We will inspect the sash window components, such as pulleys, springs, or hardware, for any damage or wear. Our fitters will replace any broken or worn-out parts to ensure smooth operation.



Fixing old and broken sash windows can involve several steps to restore their functionality and appearance.

Assess the damage

We will carefully examine each sash window to identify the extent of the damage. Our fitters will look for broken glass panes, damaged frames, loose or broken sash cords, missing or worn-out hardware, and any other issues.

Replace broken glass panes

If you have broken ones, our fitters will measure the dimensions and order replacement glass from a local supplier. They will remove the broken glass carefully, clean the area, and install the new glass following proper safety precautions.

Repair or replace sash cords

Broken or frayed ones will need replacing. Our fitters will remove the sashes from the window frame, detach the old cords, and install new ones. They will ensure proper tension and alignment of the cords for smooth operation.

Repair damaged frames

If the window frames are damaged, we can use wood filler or epoxy resin to fill in any cracks, holes, or rot. Sand the repaired areas to achieve a smooth surface. We will then apply a fresh coat of paint or sealant to protect the wood.

Restore or replace hardware

Our fitters will inspect the hardware, such as pulleys, locks, and handles, for any damage or wear. They will clean or replace worn-out hardware components to ensure proper functionality and security.

Improve insulation

Old sash windows may have poor insulation, causing drafts and energy loss. Our fitters will add weatherstripping or caulk around the window frames to eliminate the draughts and increase energy efficiency.

Sash Window Repair
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To fix or replace sash window pulley weights, follow these steps:

Remove the sash

Our fitters will open the sash window fully and secure it using a prop or similar device. Then, they will carefully remove the parting bead that holds the sash in place. Finally, they will gently detach the sash from the frame by lifting and tilting it slightly.

Access the pulley system

Our fitters will access the panel or cavity to see where the pulley system is. They will remove any screws or fasteners that secure the access panel and carefully remove them.

Remove the old weights

Inside the access cavity, the sash window pulley weights work with cords or chains. Our fitters will untie or detach the cords or chains from the weights. They will then carefully remove the old weights from their pockets or holders.

Prepare the new weights

If you’re replacing the weights, our fitters will ensure the new ones are the appropriate size and weight to counterbalance the sash.

Install the new weights

Our fitters will insert them into the pockets or holders and ensure they securely position the weights. Our fitters will attach the cords or chains to the weights and ensure they are correctly connected and adjusted for smooth movement.

Reassemble the pulley system

Our fitters will put back the access panel or cavity cover, securing it with screws or fasteners. They will ensure that it fits securely and has no gaps or loose components.

Reinstall the sash

Our fitters will lift it back into the window frame and carefully lower it into position. They will make sure it sits properly on the cords or chains. They will then slide the parting bead back into place to secure the sash.

Test the sash window

Finally, our fitters will open and close it to ensure it moves smoothly and is properly balanced. They will adjust the cords or chains if necessary to achieve the desired operation.


At Buildings and Trust, our sash window experts work with all types of sash windows:

Sash windows

Traditional windows consist of one or more movable panels (sashes) that slide vertically or horizontally.

UPVC sash windows are unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), a durable and low-maintenance material.

Double-glazed sash windows

Two panes of glass provide enhanced energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Flush casement windows

Windows where the opening sash sits flush with the frame when closed, creating a sleek and modern appearance.

Repairing sash windows

Restoring or fixing issues with existing sash windows, such as repairing broken cords, replacing damaged components, or improving functionality.

Wooden sash windows are constructed from timber or wood, often chosen for their traditional aesthetic and character.

Secondary glazing sash windows

Installing an additional layer of glazing to existing sash windows for improved insulation and noise reduction.

Victorian windows

Windows were commonly found in buildings from the Victorian era, characterized by ornate designs and multiple panes of glass.

Timber sash windows

Timber sash windows offer natural beauty and can be customized to match the desired style.

Window sash replacement

Replacing the movable panel while retaining the existing frame.

Sliding sash window

Panels slide vertically or horizontally for opening and closing.

Flush casement UPVC windows

Have a flush appearance, where the sash lines with the frame.

Wood double-glazing windows

Wooden windows with double glazing combine the benefits of wood aesthetics with improved energy efficiency.

Flush sash windows

The sash fits flush with the frame when closed.

Aluminum sash windows

Aluminum sash windows are strong and durable.

UPVC sash windows cost

The price associated with installing or purchasing UPVC sash windows can vary depending on size, style, and additional features.

Sash and case windows

Another term used to describe sash windows, particularly in Scotland.

Box sash window

Another name for traditional sash windows refers to the box-like frame that houses the sliding sashes.

Restoring sash windows

Refurbishing or repairing existing ones to improve their functionality and appearance.

Flush UPVC windows

Flush UPVC windows have a flush appearance, where the sash sits flush with the frame when closed.


Insulating a sash bay window with triple glazing involves adding an extra layer to improve energy efficiency and sound insulation. Here’s a general overview of the process:

Measure the window

Our fitters will accurately measure the dimensions of the existing sash bay window to ensure the triple-glazed unit fits appropriately. They will take measurements of the window frame’s height, width, and depth.

Choose the triple-glazed units

Select triple-glazed units that suit sash windows perfectly. These units typically consist of three panes of glass with two layers of insulating gas in between. Consider factors such as energy efficiency, soundproofing, and additional required features.

Remove the existing sashes

Our fitters will carefully remove the existing sashes from the window frame. Our fitters will detach any hardware, such as sash locks or lifts. They will not damage the frames or surrounding areas during removal.

Install the new triple-glazed units: Our fitters will insert them into the window frame, ensuring they fit snugly.

Seal and insulate

Our fitters will apply a weatherstrip or caulk around the edges of the triple-glazed units to create a tight seal. The purpose is to prevent drafts and improves energy efficiency. Additionally, our fitters will consider expanding foam insulation to fill gaps.

Reinstall the sashes

Once the triple-glazed units are in place and properly sealed, our fitters will reinstall the sashes. Our fitters ensure they fit securely and operate smoothly within the new triple-glazed system. Reattach any hardware, such as sash locks or lifts, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Test and adjust

Our fitters will open and close the sash bay window to ensure it operates properly with the new triple-glazed units.


Fixing an arched sash window to achieve flushness, soundproofing, and fresh air ventilation requires careful consideration and potentially involves multiple aspects of window improvement. Here are some suggestions to address these requirements:


Check for any structural issues with the window frame or sashes that may be causing misalignment. Repair or reinforce the frame as needed.

If the sashes are not closing flush, adjust or replace the hardware, such as hinges, locks, or latches, to ensure proper alignment and secure closure.


Install soundproofing materials, such as acoustic laminated glass or secondary glazing, to reduce noise transmission. These can be custom-made to fit the arched shape of the window.

Apply weatherstripping or seals around the sash window to minimize air gaps and improve sound insulation.

Consider adding heavy curtains, blinds, or acoustic panels to enhance soundproofing.

Fresh Air Ventilation

Explore options for incorporating a discreet ventilation system into the arched window design, such as trickle vents or discreetly positioned vents within the frame. These can allow for controlled airflow while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the window.

Alternatively, Our fitters will consider installing a separate ventilation system to ensure sufficient fresh air circulation.

It is important to note that modifying or improving arched sash windows requires expertise and experience.



The result is that within minutes, Buildings and Trust will be repairing or fitting your sash windows.

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