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What You Need to Know about WINDOW SHUTTERS

Will WINDOW SHUTTERS Improve My Home?

Window shutters will transform your house and home. Most importantly, window shutters add panache and sophistication to any window dressing. Moreover, shutters add a note of sophisticated style and elegance to your rooms and home. Shutters are chic! Furthermore, shutters will increase the value of your home just like a fine wooden floor. Unlike other home adornments such as carpets and curtains, shutters will increase the price of your home. Beautifully crafted shutters add value to your home!

How Will the Windows Shutters Look from the Outside?

Traditionally, window shutters remained closed for most of the time. With this in mind, window shutters will look stunning from the outside. Furthermore, interior window shutters will improve the exterior aesthetics of your home.

Can I Have Wooden Shutters for the Interior Windows?

Of course, you can have wooden shutters for the interior windows. Wooden shutters are finely suited to inside your home. Wooden shutters will add a superior note of elegance indoors.

How Shutters Work

Do Wooden Shutters Block Out the Light?

Yes, it is now possible to have blackout shutters. These shutters are excellent at making and keeping your room dark. Furthermore, they offer that extra degree of privacy to your home. However, should you wish to flood your room with light, these shutters can easily switch to the traditional style. In light of this, blackout shutters are multi-functional. Blackout shutters will help to prevent light glare by controlling the amount of light entering a room.

How Well Do Shutters Control the Sunlight?

Most importantly, shutters are excellent at light control. Furthermore, you can easily control the amount of light that enters the buildings. In contrast, windows without shutters, or windows with blinds either have no light control or very little light control. In conclusion, both are poor at preventing light trespass.

Shutters control the degree of light that enters your comfortable room. The louvres can be tilted to get just the right amount of light. Furthermore, this light control contributes enormously to visual and human comfort. This ambient effect will introduce a sense of calmness to the atmosphere of your rooms.

Do Wooden Shutters Keep the Heat in?

Shutters will offer some kind of heat insulation. However, because of the nature and purpose of the shutter, this will be somewhat negligible. Nevertheless, if you had blackout shutter options, greater properties of heat insulation would be possible.


In contrast, window shutters are incredibly effective at giving much-needed ventilation in the hot summer months. You can either collapse them totally or tilt them to get the desired effect of ventilation. The added benefit of controlling ventilation in summer is that you won’t need an electric fan! This will reduce energy costs and also reduce your carbon footprint and benefit the environment.

Do Wooden Shutters Reduce Noise Trespass?

Shutters will offer some degree of noise reduction. However, the very nature and purpose of the shutters are to allow for ventilation and light to enter freely into the property. Nevertheless, using blackout shutters options will offer extra protection against noise trespass.


Please take some time to read what benefits WINDOW SHUTTERS will do for you.

Window Shutters Fitted

Firstly, shutters are so stylish and sophisticated

Window Shutters
Window Shutters Fitted

Thirdly, let shutters add a note of sophistication to your bathroom

Secondly, let the shutters flood the room with coolness in summer

Window ShuttersFinally, shutters in the bedroom can bring charm with privacy


What Types of Wooden Shutters Are They?

Are Plantation Shutters Similar to Window Shutters?

Yes, both are very similar. Firstly, plantation shutters derive their name from the southern states of the United States. On the sugar and cotton plantations, wooden shutters were installed. Moreover, shutters are also found on the windows of homes in the West Indies. However, shutters can be traced back to ancient Greece and Roman times. The purpose of the shutters back then was to control the midday sun beating through the openings in the walls. Furthermore, in Tudor times, Henry the Eight’s subjects would have had shutters instead of the more expensive stain-glass windows.

Plantation shutters are fixed frame constructions with louvre blades. Generally, the plantation shutters are painted white for them to stand out.

Plantation shutters can suit almost any design, any architectural or structural building component or element. Whatever the window design, whether it be:

Shutters are versatile and can be adapted and installed on almost any property.

However, inside the home, there can be extreme of temperatures and air conditions. When a shutter is fitted inside a window, it can face very cold temperatures in winter, and can sometimes face high humidity and dampness. In contrast, the summer can bring contrasting temperatures. Add to this, radiators placed below windows can affect the internal structure of the shutter.

Solid Shutters

Solid shutters do not have louvres. They were generally built on hinges and were not designed to be opened and closed daily. If the house was going to be empty for some considerable time, the shutters would be closed. Consequently, once the occupants returned, the solid shutters would once again be opened. Most importantly, the solid wooden shutters offered some degree of security to an empty building.

Will I Need Full Height Window Shutters?

Full height shutters are what they say they are. Although the full height shutters cover the whole of the window, they are generally divided into two parts: the bottom and the top. In addition, full-height shutters are finely suited to tall and narrow windows. Furthermore, full-height shutters fit perfectly with sash windows. A dividing rail separates two shutters. With the result, you can open the shutters on one half whilst keeping the other half-closed. In conclusion, full-height shutters allow for greater privacy control. Furthermore, shutters add to a greater allowance of ventilation.

Will I Need Tier-on-Tier Shutters?

Tier-on-tier shutters are double shutters. In addition, tier-on-tier shutters are placed one above the other. This kind of shutter is very popular with customers. Furthermore, tier-on-tier shutters can operate independently. Also, you can open one half whilst keeping the other half-closed. Consequently, this offers greater flexibility in security. Furthermore, tier-on-tier shutters allow for greater light control.

Do Window Shutters Provide Café Style Window Shutters?

Café style shutters are best suited for a busy front door. These shutters only cover the bottom half of the window. Café style shutters allow for that all-important privacy and security. However, café style shutters offer a great deal of light from the top half of the window. Nevertheless, café style shutters lack the facility to totally block out the light at the top of the window.

Are Window Shutters Made From Different Materials?

Firstly, shutters are manufactured from different materials. Moreover, the materials vary in their properties. Some shutters perform better than others in different conditions.

What are Hardwood Shutters?

Hardwood shutters are traditional shutters. In addition, hardwood shutters are crafted from different types of hardwood. Furthermore, hardwood shutters allow for staining and painting in a vast array of colors and shades. Yes, you can paint wooden window shutters in any style you so wish!

What are ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Shutters?

ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene shutters are simply plastic shutters!

Are ABS Shutters Better than Traditional Hardwood Shutters?

For instance, hardwood shutters have better aesthetic qualities than ABS shutters. However, ABS shutters are more resistant to moisture. ABS shutters are tough and durable in varied environments. This makes ABS shutters perfect in humid environments like bathrooms and kitchens.

Can I Have MDF Shutters?

In addition to the hardwood and ABS shutters, you can have MDF shutters or manufactured density fibre shutters. You can paint and adorn these shutters to your wanted taste. There is a high variety of shades and colors to choose from. The MDF shutters can be for both regular-shaped windows and irregular ones. In light of this, MDF has an advantage over the ABS shutters. ABS shutters are much more difficult and more expensive to fit on irregular-shaped windows and doors.

Are there Wooden Venetian Shutters?

Yes. Wooden Venetian shutters are much the same as plantation shutters. They operate in the same way as Venetian blinds. But that is where the comparison ends. Shutters are more stylish, more sophisticated. Wooden Venetian shutters will add value to your home.


Please take some time to read what benefits WINDOW SHUTTERS will do for you.

Window Shutters Fitted

Firstly, shutters are so stylish and sophisticated

Window Shutters
Window Shutters Fitted

Thirdly, let shutters add a note of sophistication to your bathroom

Secondly, let the shutters flood the room with coolness in summer

Window ShuttersFinally, shutters in the bedroom can bring charm with privacy


Do Shutters come with Cut-Out Designs?

Yes. If you wanted cut-out designs, especially pine tree cut-out designs, then this is entirely possible. The designs will add individual character and feeling to your home.

How Many Shutter Panels Will I Need for my Windows?

Each window is different. Generally, you will need more than one shutter panel for a windowpane. The larger the windowpane, the more panels you will need. The panels will be fitted to the window jambs. These are the vertical support posts in the middle of the windows. The more window jambs you have, the more shutter panels you will need.

Can Shutters customize my Wooden Shutters to look vintage?

Yes. Wooden shutters can be customized to look vintage and finely crafted. This will add a beautiful note of history and sophistication to your windows. Furthermore, if you wanted your shutters to look historical and distressed, this can also be achieved. The cost of the shutters would increase significantly, though, should you choose this option.

Are Wooden Shutters Made to Measure?

Yes, all shutters can be made to measure every kind of shutter window. However, some shutters are better suited to some kinds of windows than others.

Hardwood and MDF shutters are a very popular choice for the owners of bay windows. They marry and merge perfectly with the traditional style of the bay windows.

How Can I Measure My Windows?

Firstly, you need to measure both the height of the window and the length of the window. In general, you will record your measurements in either cm (centimeters) or mm (millimeters). However, if you feel more comfortable, you can measure in inches.

Can Window Shutters fit Wooden Shutters for Sash Windows?

If your bay windows are fitted with sash windows, you can simply split the windows into individual panels and measure each one separately.

Shutters, when they are drawn back, should not extend beyond the reveal of your window. In simpler terms, the wider the window ledge, the better it would be suited for different styles of the shutter. If the window is too narrow, then that means the sides of the window will almost certainly be narrower. The result of this would be the shutter panels would stick out.

Finally, the best way to measure for windows is to take several measurements. Firstly, take a measurement down the left-hand side of the window. Secondly, take a measurement from the right-hand side of the window. Thirdly, take a measurement down the centre of the window. Repeat this process for the width of your windows. Finally, take the two diagonal measurements.

Can I Have Wooden Shutters for Large Windows?

Yes, you can have wooden shutters for large windows. However, it is advisable for you to have only hardwood shutters. The ABS or plastic shutters will be too heavy and cumbersome as shutters for a large window. Wood is much lighter and is best suited for the span of the large windows.

Can I Send Window Shutters Digital Images of Windows for the Wooden Shutters?

Finally, it is important to send us images of your windows with the measurements. This will save important time and keep the installation process running smoothly. Furthermore, it will also help to reduce the cost of the shutters. In conclusion, you can either email or telephone the measurements to us.

What Size Louvres Blades or Slats can I Choose From?

Firstly, the three main types of blades are:

  • 89mm
  • 64mm
  • 47mm

The louvres blades suit different shapes and styles of windows. Generally, the large windows should have large louvres blades and the small windows suit best the smaller louvres blades. They harmonize better with their counterpart sizes. Finally, most people have medium-sized windows, and they choose 64mm louvres blades.

Do Shutters Provide Shutters without the Shutter Frames?

Yes, we can provide shutters without the frames. However, it is not an easy installation process to install them. You will need to make the louvres do not clash with the windows. In addition, you will have to ensure any hardware on the windows such as handles does not interfere with the hanging shutters. Framed shutters will make the installation process simpler. In conclusion, it is probably best to have both shutters and frames installed.

Can you tell me the average price of Window shutters in the UK?

The cost of shutters and their installation can vary. This is especially so in different parts of the UK. For a general rule, the cost of shutters is in the region of £200 to £300 per m2. The price can also vary regionally. £300 per m2 may seem a lot of money. However, you have to remember that the value of your home is going to increase. Furthermore, the cost will only add a sophisticated charm to the décor of your home. This will certainly the selling price of your home, and it will attract potential buyers of your property.

Can I make My Own Shutters?

Yes, of course, you can. However, the construction process is of a master craftsperson standard. A much better option is to leave the construction and installation to us. Nevertheless, you can decide which option is best.

Can I Fit My Own Shutters?

Yes, of course, you can. Fitting the shutters will be easier than making and fitting the shutters. Nevertheless, the best option would be to leave both the process of making and fitting to a professional. Our expert and well-experienced team of shutter installers will make the installation look easy.

Where Can I Buy Window Shutters?

There are many you can buy window shutters from. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke shutters to suit your desire. Furthermore, our experienced fitters will install the shutters.  As a result, your home will be transformed into an elegant and stylish abode.

Can I Order the Shutters Online?

Yes. Simply fill in our contact form. We will begin to create your own personal shutter portfolio. Once you have decided on the style and quantity of shutter you would like, one of our design consultants will make contact with you. Our shutter design consultant will offer you free no-obligation quotes for your window shutters. Furthermore, our design shutter installer will work with you if you have a budget to work with. They will present you with various price options for your shutters.

Do you Provide Shutters for Arched Windows?

Yes, but often the arched windows will need the wooden windows to be cut and fitted perfectly into them. The prefabricated ABS shutters will be awkward in installation. Furthermore, this awkwardness will increase the cost of the shutter installation. With this in mind, wooden shutters are generally the best for arched windows.

Where else can I have window Shutters fitted?

You can have shutters fitted almost anywhere!

Here is a list of the places you can have the shutters installed for:

  • half windows
  • kitchens
  • living rooms
  • bathrooms
  • French doors
  • patio doors
  • behold doors
  • wall décor
  • arches
  • the exterior of your home

Are Window Shutters Better than Blinds?

Shutters and blinds both have their advantages. However, shutters are more versatile and elegant. Shutters offer sophistication to a home.


Please take some time to read what benefits WINDOW SHUTTERS will do for you.

Window Shutters Fitted

Firstly, shutters are so stylish and sophisticated

Window Shutters
Window Shutters Fitted

Thirdly, let shutters add a note of sophistication to your bathroom

Secondly, let the shutters flood the room with coolness in summer

Window ShuttersFinally, shutters in the bedroom can bring charm with privacy


Can I Choose the Type of Finish for my Shutters?

Of course, you can choose the final finish for your shutters. However, there are some restrictions you need to be aware of. Firstly, the ABS shutters are prefabricated and manufactured with the final finish applied. As a rule, the finish is generally a silky-white finish or a finish consisting of the colour white. Moreover, the final finish on these ABS shutters offers protection and durability against both ultraviolet (UV) light and moisture resistance.

If you wanted a stained finish for your shutters, this would not be possible on an ABS shutter. However, if you chose MDF, or better still, hardwood for your shutters, you could definitely choose from a varied collection of stains and paints. Moreover, you could make the shutters match the style and sophistication of the current décor of your home.

How easy are Window Shutters to Clean and Maintain?

Cleaning Window Shutters

Shutters are incredibly easy to clean. In contrast, blinds and, indeed, curtains are labour intensive when it comes to cleaning them. Moreover, there can both hold unwelcome smells. This is because they are hypoallergenic. They hold dust. It is this dust that collects small molecules in the air.

In contrast, you can simply run a duster or a hoover over your new shutters! As a result, the dust will simply disappear! Moreover, the smells will be gone too! In light of this, shutters demand very small maintenance. A simple wet cloth with a little fragrance will clean the shutters nicely!

Operating Shutters

Shutters are relatively easy to operate. You can tilt the shutters to let the light either seep into the room, or you can open the window shutters fully. Consequently, this will let light flood the room.

Are Shutters Versatile when Opening them?

Modern-style shutters have the ability to be opened at different parts. In locations such as the bathroom or the bedroom, or even a living room, which looks directly onto the high street, you may want added privacy. You can open just the top of the shutters if you like. Alternatively, you may just want to open the bottom part of the shutters. You can decide which parts of the shutter to open.

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